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With YAMTool PRO as the basis, we have only scratched the surface of possibilities that can occur when you combine the power of the MC export format with the flexibility and power of Word.

Here is a poll for you to vote for what you'd like to see next added to YAMTool PRO.  Descriptions are on the right with the poll on the left.  Browse through the descriptions and then pick your top pick on the right.

Category Filtering - Ability to only print certain categories and map similar categories to a single category.  Example:  If your recipes have categories Pork and Beef, you could have the formatting process change those categories to "Meat"  (if a recipe used both pork and beef, "Meat" would only show up once)

Recipe Watermark - Based on a selected category, you could have the graphic of your choice show up behind the text of the recipe.  Graphic could probably be positioned at top, center, or bottom of page.

Graphical Ratings - Replace the rating value with a graphical image.  Possibilities include number of "stars", "spoons", etc. corresponding to the rating value (i.e. 5 spoons), or specific ratings get single graphics (example: Rating 10 gets a 1st place blue ribbon)

Print Selected Recipes - Ability to select the recipes to print from the export file and reorder them similar to the way recipe sections are handled

Graphical Categories - Replace categories with graphical images.  Possibilities exist for having images print in the margins of the page for easy thumbing through your recipe book.

Automatic Indexing - After the formatting is complete, generate an index based on category or word list of your choosing.

Table of Contents - After formatting is complete, generate a table of contents by recipe title.

Import/Export Recipe Designs - Ability to export or import recipe designs from other YAMTool PRO users. 



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