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Here is a rundown on the features available in YAMTool PRO:

Directly read Mastercook 6.0/5.0 export format
Use Word styles to apply your custom designed formats (font, spacing, shading, etc.) to each of the sections in a recipe
Include/Exclude any recipe sections
Place recipe sections in any order
YAMTool directly supports three page sizes/orientations
Letter - Portrait
5 1/2 x 8 1/2 - Portrait (half of a standard letter-size page)
4x6 - Landscape

Note: Since the result of running YAMTool is simply a Word Document, you are free to change the page size after formatting and tweak the format to support your unique needs.

Format ingredients into 1 and 2 column formats
Format ingredients in a table using any one of the 43 predefined formats included in MS Word.  (Note:  each format can individually include or exclude border, color, shading, and heading formats)
Apply unique formatting to the Subtitle and Text ingredient lines
Format directions into 1 or 2 column formats
Format categories as:
Comma separated
One per line
Two column table
Each recipe can start:
Continuous - immediately following the previous recipe
Next Page - on the next page
Next Odd Page - on the next odd numbered page after the previous recipe
Next Even Page - on the next even numbered page after the previous recipe
Save recipe designs describing all of the above for easy reuse

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