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User's Guide
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Here is an online User's Guide for YAMTool PRO.  Start with the rest of this page which will step you through how to get up and running.  After that, you can move to the entries on the left for detailed explanations of features and functions.

Getting Started

  1. In Mastercook, select the recipes you want to format and export them  using the MC 6.0 format.  Remember the location and file name you use when exporting.
  2. Open the YAMToolPRO.doc file and select the Format Recipes  option from the YAMTool PRO menu.
    YAMTool's main control panel will open.
  3. Enter the name of the export file in the Recipe File  field (clicking the button to the right will allow you to browse for the file)
  4. Select a recipe design in the Recipe Design  field (the Manage Designs button allows you to copy and delete your stored designs)
  5.  Use the tabs for the following (Details on each tab can be see by clicking on the tab name at left):
Order - Select which recipe sections will appear and in which order.
T I & D - Select options for the Title, Ingredients, and Directions
Category Info - Select style and printing options for Category, Cuisine and Rating
Times - Select style options for printing Preparation, Alternate, and Total times
Notes & Descriptions - Select style options for printing Description, Wine, Serving Ideas, and Notes
Sources - Select style options for printing Source, Alternate Source, Copyright, and Author
Quantity - Select style options for printing Quantity and Yield
Setup - Select page size and recipe start options
  1. Click Save Settings to save all your entries on the tabs to the design identified in the Recipe Design field
  2. Click Format Recipes to begin the recipe formatting process.  You will be prompted when the formatting process is complete.

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