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Mastercook 6.0 - I currently only have MC 6 loaded, so all my testing to date has been with the latest version of MC.  MC 5.x should work, since I believe the export format is relatively unchanged.

Word 2000 - As with YAMTool 1.5, YAMTool PRO is built on MS Word.  This version leverages some of the unique features of Word 2000, and so it is a requirement.  YAMTool PRO is implemented using a MS Word document containing the essential code and macros.  If you don't have Word 2000 and really want to enter the next age of recipe formatting, consider picking up a copy of Microsoft Works 2000, which includes Word 2000 and can be picked up for less than $90.  Granted, MC only costs about $30, so you might have to come up with some other uses for Works before you can justify the expense to your significant other.

MSXML 3.0 Parsing Package - (NOTE:  Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows XP users already have this! - Therefore you can skip this section)  This package is required in order to allow Word to "read" the Mastercook export format.  The package is available from Microsoft here, This package is not really an application per se, and so once you install it, you won't find any new icons or programs you can run.  This package is simply a set of "behind the scenes" tools that Word will use to carry out the formatting.  (Note:  This distribution from Microsoft requires the Windows installer, which comes with most current MS applications.  If you have Word 2000, you should have this installer)


Installing YAMTool PRO is fairly straightforward.  YAMTool is distributed using two files - A Word document template that contains all the "code" necessary for the application.
YAMToolPRO.xml - A configuration file that stores all your recipe designs (to be explained later) as as well as some configuration information for YAMTool PRO.
  1. Download the distribution file and unzip it into your templates directory (both files must be placed in the directory).  (You can find your templates directory by selecting Tools | Options | File Locations | User Templates when in Word 2000.)
  2. Start MS Word 2000 and select File | New
  3. Select the YAMTool PRO template and click Ok
  4. When the file opens, you should see a small YAMToolPRO menu with one option: Format Recipes.
    Click the Format Recipes button to bring up the main control panel.