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Download YAMTool PRO

Welcome to the YAMTool PRO beta site.  This site is the pre-launch area for YAMTool PRO, a significant evolution of the venerable YAMTool 1.5.  YAMTool PRO changes the paradigm of Mastercook recipe formatting by leveraging the MC 6.x export format, which happens to be XML.

Download YAMTool PRO

Version History

Version: 0.81

YAMTool is now distributed as a Word Document Template to make it easier to generate new recipe files.
Fixed a problem when patching the Mastercook Export file before formatting.  This problem only occurred in the original Word 2000 (the problem didn't exist in Word 2000 SR-1/SR-1a).
Fixed problems requiring user to edit MC export file before using.  YAMTool will now replace the first two lines in the export file with correct lines if an error is detected upon trying to load the recipe file.
Added additional recipe designs and styles

Version: 0.6

Fixed handling ingredients with no unit (only qty and name)

Version: 0.5

Initial release
Filter categories functionality not implemented

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