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Zoji Ref. Card
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I've put together a reference card for the Zojirushi Bread Machine that we have (BBCC-V20).  If you've had yours for a while and made any significant amount of bread, you're probably finding that the recipe book that comes with it is getting a little tattered, stained, worn.

So, I condensed a number of the basic recipes out of the book and put them into a two page Microsoft Publisher document that can be printed and reprinted as necessary.  The file is available here as the original Publisher format and a PDF format.

The recipes on the card are:

NOTE:  The recipes are condensed, so you might want to review the original and the condensed side by side to see how I contracted the recipe.  The intention is for this to be a cheat sheet not a total repeat of the book.

Basic White
Italian Herb
Apple Oat Bread
100% Whole Wheat
100% Whole Wheat (1.5 lb)
Italian Wheat
Sandwich Bread
Sandwich Bread (1.5 lb)
Crusty French (including the Home Made cycle times)
Traditional Pizza Dough
Thin Crust
Thick Crust
Pizza Dough With Beer
Crusty Rolls
Soft Pretzels
Butter-Rich Roll & Bread Dough
Traditional Loaf
Pan Rolls
Cloverleaf Rolls
Bread Sticks

Each of the following files is identical.

Zojirushi Recipe Card (PDF Format)

Zojirushi Reference Card (MS Publisher 2000 format [Zip format])